We (tenipuri boys) R Ninjas!

- A Tenipuri AU RPG -

We R Ninjas!
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An AU Tenipuri RPG

Hidden ninja villages? Those are everywhere. Just...hidden. And of these hidden villages, there are two strongest - Tsukigakure and Taiyougakure. Rival villages.

Tsuki. Taiyou. Which will be your home? Or will you be a missing-nin, with no village to belong to?

*This RP is by invite only*

The way of the Ninja

Each village is run by two elders, and ninjas will be sent out in teams chosen at random for missions. Players can choose whether or not to log the mission (since we understand that not everyone has all the time in the world to log about everything and anything), but logs are preferred.

Ninjas are usually versed in combat, stealth, espionage and assassination. Each ninja has a special skill - aside from the approved list of techniques all trained ninja should know - which they can use during missions. It can be defensive, offensive or supportive.

What kind of ninja will you be?


- Things between muns stay between muns. And vice versa.

- No god-modding.

- Proper English please. Nothing kills the eyes more than TyPinG LyK dIs. Seriously.

- All R & NC17 logs must be friendslocked.

- Limit of three characters per player.

- A log or journal entry is expected of each character every 2 weeks.


- Sabriel-mod @ eylei(AIM)
- Ruka-mod @ rukariel(AIM)

Character list
Ninja ranks
Ninja techniques
Villages and populations
Journals and how they work
Friending post[f-locked]
Player contact information[f-locked]